David Miller
Hi! My name is David and this is my blog. I have been an avid consumer of online courses for the past 5 years and wanted to start this website to share my experience with newbies to the e-Learning world.

Online education presents challenges that our society needs to overcome: certifications earned through online courses are not considered valid by many employers or customers; the learning process for students might be harder without traditional tutorship; fraud is another big one.

However, the other side of the story is that e-Learning is a revolutionary paradigm that has done nothing else than growing in the past years, opening the doors of knowledge and education to anyone, in every imaginable field of information. I truly believe this is an industry that can change the world and benefit not only people, but countries.

Having made it through the doors of an online-based institution myself, I can give you a firsthand account on the unparalleled value online education has to people whose positions in life aren’t suited to full-time study at traditional classrooms.

Whether as an online student or an online teacher, there’s a lot to learn in this new paradigm!

Feel free to contact me for any question, suggestion or story you may have!